About ME

What Can I Do For You?

I once brought laptops to a remote jungle village in the Cardamom mountains of Cambodia, on the back of a motorcycle—so that the locals could learn about technology.
I’m resourceful, and very passionate about learning.

Yes, I can put your whole course together. I can take your ideas and your content and organize a course for you. I can help you define learning objectives and outcomes based on what your ideal clients want and need. I can build a “storyboard” in MS Word that explains how everything will be laid out.
I can write scripts, design slides, source images, edit videos, and help you decide how to put the course out there in the world, and what platform you should use.
Once you decide, I can then create the finished product for you. I can even deliver it to a remote village by motorcycle! 
Have a really big project? I have a team to call on for assistance with any size project.

What About Marketing?

Marketing is a huge part of the success of your course. I build the course with marketing in mind. Once you have decided on a platform, we build a funnel system and work with experts in online marketing to get the right combination of organic and paid ads out to the right audience. 
The funnel system is based on which marketing pieces will work best with your ideal clients; free opt-ins like cheat sheets, or maybe a free discovery session with you, or a quiz, or perhaps the first part of the course… these are discussions that will happen throughout the course design process. You may find your new course will sell best by simply talking to people. 

How to Get Started

Course development can take on many layers. What I suggest is we take a look at what you have, what your vision is, your budget, and time-frame. I’ll put a flat-rate quote together for the project and you can decide from there whether you want to move forward. I charge $249 for my Kickstarter session to take a look at your materials and give you an outline of what needs to be done based on our discussions.
I’d love to work with you, let’s set up a time to start the process. We can start with a call to establish what your best-case scenario is!!

I’m Tammy Perry

Adventurer, Experience Designer, Writer, and Philanthropist



Travel, exploration, adventure! Sometimes the best adventures are where you grew up and sometimes they are on the other side of the world! 

Experience Designer

Experience Designer

How do you help people learn online? You design an experience they will never forget. 



Bringing laptops to the jungles of Cambodia, or helping design an eLearning Project in Mexico.

“Do Good as You Go” means blending work, adventure, and philanthropy into one lifelong experience! 



Have complicated content that needs to be simplified? Need user manuals, step-by-step tutorials, or technical specifications? 

I love to make complicated, technical information simple. Have too much text and need it shortened and simplified? Oh please, allow me!


I started out in computer programming but wasn’t fond of the endless lines of code. I switched to Communication Arts and learned the secrets of Journalism, Graphic Design, Photography, and Video Production.

Right out of school, serendipity guided me to a teaching position when a large contract left a local Computer Training Centre shorthanded. My computer training came in handy after all!
I loved adult education and in a short time started my own remote training business specializing in Microsoft and Adobe software-related projects.
I traveled to Australia and landed a contract with the Queensland Government designing the curriculum to introduce 200 engineers to everything from typing to WordPerfect and dBase 3+. 

I spent nearly two decades in adult education, bridging the gap between creatives and their computers through teaching digital design to communications companies, newspaper offices, government offices, universities and colleges. I was the only Adobe Certified Training Provider East of Montreal.

In 2006, the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in Canada, hired me on a one-year contract to help develop CME/CPD for their cross-country medical school consortium project, MDcme.ca. I was part of a small team, working in all aspects of course development: Needs Analysis—Instructional Design—Technical Writing—Editing—Photography—Graphic Design—Development—Quality Assurance—Assessment—Project Management.

For the next seven years, I continued working full-time with MDcme.ca developing high quality, accredited, on-demand online CME/CPD courses including Canada’s pandemic planning guide for the Public Health Agency of Canada and several series for the Canadian Medical Association, along with specialised training for International Medical Graduates, hospital staff orientations, and several courses on Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV etc.

I was working with an amazing group of people doing important work with a well-respected medical school, but…I was yearning for more. My true purpose was calling me…

We all have a story, right?

In early 2014 I quit my work, sold my house and rental property, and set off on a Central American Odyssey, on my motorcycle. 

Someone, somewhere will say, “Don’t do it. You don’t have what it takes to survive the wilderness.” This is when you reach deep into your wild heart and remind yourself, “I am the wilderness.” —Brené Brown

If you want to learn more about my adventures, go to tammyperry.ca