You are a creator. You are a star.
You are a collector of quality content. The lord of your domain.
I transform your content into value for your clients.
Your content in an online experience—what a great idea!

Distill Your Content

Have you been creating and collecting content for years? Do you have too much stuff and don’t know how to distill it, or what to focus on?

Design an Experience

Do you want your clients to get great value from your online experience? We design experiences that invite the right people to the party, and give them an experience they won’t forget.

Develop the Course

Have you wasted enough time with tech? Do you want to hand this over to be built? Do you want help building it? Do you want to be taught how to do it?


Tammy, your knowledge and experience, allowed us to test a new level of S.P.where we had never been. We now have a builtout platform and content, that can be used when we get the sales/marketing piece.
I would not hesitate to recommend you, and I have, to lots of people. Your I.T. skills are the strongest of any I have met, and you are super generous in sharing that knowledge. Although we worked together mostly virtually, I never saw any evidence of the “too common” drama and politics, that quickly seeps into teams.
You will be a key player in any future developments you are involved in. I really want to stay in your “friend” list and look forward to a long relationship/friendship.

Lorne Brett

Founder, Shaping Purpose

I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Tammy after I learned she had the exact experience I was looking for.

My favorite part of working with Tammy was that she was able to take the GAPS Diet class that I’d been teaching both live and online for 3 years and translate it in to a self-study program. She added learning objectives, fun little quizzes, and reorganized the lessons for a better flow of information – things I never thought of since designing classes in not in my background. She was also open all to my questions and suggestions.

I highly recommend Tammy’s eLearning service and will use it again on my next course.

Even though she was working from another country it was easy to communicate with her. Her experience really enhanced the value of my offering.

Jennifer Scribner

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certified GAPS™ Practitioner , Body Wisdom Nutrition

Tammy is a very professional, pleasant and knowledgeable individual. She was always very accommodating when it came to working with our clients to ensure that the training that she prepared and delivered was tailored to the client’s specific needs. Tammy was always happy to work with my client’s schedule and provide them with a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.


Dan Dillon

Entrepreneurship Training Coordinator, Career Development & Experiential Learning

I had the privilege of having Tammy Perry as my Multimedia & Graphic Design instructor in 2004 @ Compu College in Moncton NB. With all her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm I knew that I lucked out having her as my instructor. Being a mature student I was nervous going back to school but she started from the basics and introduced the world of Graphic Design and got to learn the Adobe Creative Suite. Because Tammy is such a passionate instructor and has knowledge in just about every area, I feel that I was prepared for the job I have now, which I was fortunate to start right after graduation. If anyone is looking to learn anything from Computers, Multimedia, Photography, Graphic Design and so much more, I hope they have the opportunity to have Tammy as their instructor.


Mary Beers

Specialist Marketing/Product Management, International Game Technology

Ms. Perry was instrumental in the creation of an eLearning Template which went on to win a Codie Award and the praises of AutoDESK educators throughout North America and Europe. Her design and programming has since been used to create hundreds of hours of content in multiple languages.  Her knowledge of multiple eLearning Authoring Tools, Instruction Design and best Design Practices was simply invaluable.  I highly recommend her services and would not hesitate to entrust to her,  additional responsibilities which may fall outside the scope of mainstream Instructional Design.

Colin MacNeil

Owner, CLM Redteam Canada

Tammy was an integral member of our e-learning development team at Memorial and applied her technical and intuitive skills to the successful development of numerous e-learning projects.

Tammy was regarded as a training and support coach for various internal office systems and processes. She also designed and delivered numerous customized training sessions to a variety of local audiences in Canada.

I also had the pleasure to work with Tammy on several international development projects in Latin America where she delivered training sessions to local students. My working experience with Tammy was very positive, and she comes with my highest recommendation.

Robert Glynn

Senior Instructional Designer, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, PDCS

Tammy, it has been a pleasure to work with you, so writing this was very easy. I now have an additional product to offer those I wish to serve.  In addition to creating the course, you have steadily taught me how to think about the learner experience and the business more broadly. You have been thorough, timely and instructional (no pun intended), for this reason I would recommend your services. Additionally, you offer a high level of value (price / output) and it is very evident that you love and care about what you do.

James Rosseau

Author, Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion, Ignite Your Career, and Create an Amazing Life

Tammy worked as Copy Editor on our cross-functional project team to build an online medical postgraduate diploma program.  Her engagement in the project extended over nearly twelve months.  In that time, Tammy integrated with the team and adapted to work with our internal processes and tools for content writing and management.  There was never any fuss—as long as Tammy knew what to expect and when, she delivered on her tasks in an efficient and timely fashion.  Indeed, Tammy often went the extra mile, drawing from her experiences in diverse environments to share advice and helpful suggestions.  As a project manager, I found working with Tammy to be a very positive experience.

Mark Jones

Senior Project Manager, iheed

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