Worked with this client to streamline her online course. We separated “must have” content from “nice to know” content to make a Fast Track for those interested in getting straight to the nitty gritty! I fashioned an introduction and learning objectives in the form of quiz questions to help learners prepare for the lesson.  
I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Tammy after I learned she had the exact experience I was looking for.
My favorite part of working with Tammy was that she was able to take the GAPS Diet class that I’d been teaching both live and online for 3 years and translate it in to a self-study program. She added learning objectives, fun little quizzes, and reorganized the lessons for a better flow of information – things I never thought of since designing classes in not in my background. She was also open all to my questions and suggestions.
I highly recommend Tammy’s eLearning service and will use it again on my next course.
Even though she was working from another country it was easy to communicate with her. Her experience really enhanced the value of my offering.
Jennifer Scribner

Owner, Body Wisdom Nutrition